IMAGENES : David Elgea, GIFS de la web y fotografias de Muybridge
AUDIO : Coolsville -Laurie Anderson- ( Strange Angels )

Untitled from david elguea on Vimeo.

Coolsville coolsville coolsville coolsville
so perfect so nice.
hey little darlin,
I’m comin your way little darlin
and I’ll be there just as soon as I’m
all straightened out.
yeah just as soon as i am:Perfect.
some things are just pictures they’re scenes before your eyes
and don’t look now I’m right behind you
coolsville coolsville
so perfect so nice
so nice!
and down by the ocean
under the bAlk
you were so handsome we didn’t talk
you’re my ideal I’m gonna find you
I’m goin to coolsville
so perfect so ideal
this train this city this train